My name is Jennifer Gordon and I am the founder of Fitness Kingdom. Fitness Kingdom is a brand built on the idea that there is strength inside of you. A strength that allows you to grow, allows you to be fearless, and helps you do what it takes to accomplish anything. I am a bundle of energy with a strong and persistent personality. I LOVE physical fitness, whether indoors or outdoors. Running, cycling, weight lifting, hiking, you name it and I usually wanna do it. I love adrenaline and pretty much anything that gets my heart pumping.

Fitness Kingdom was a way for me to harness all of my energy and put into something I believe in. One of our sayings is “I Believe In Me,” because I do believe in me. I also feel that everyone should believe in themselves. One of my passions is giving my time supporting good causes. One of these causes is obesity in America, more specifically childhood obesity. Fitness Kingdom donates a portion of all sales to this cause and will continue to do so. We are dealing with an epidemic in this country, and every little bit helps. We aim to contribute to a healthy future for us and our children. Our motto here is Embrace Fitness. Embrace the Lifestyle. Embrace the Kingdom.  So welcome to Fitness Kingdom, I have no doubt you will enjoy our products. Please don’t hesitate to share how you use them on social media.